Become a DTM Patreon — Unlock the Power of Truly Independent Local News

Good stuff from what seems to be the best news source in Charlottesville.” — Rick Tetzeli, executive editor, Fast Company Magazine.

“I think we need this. I see very little in-depth coverage from anywhere else.” — DTM follower

Since 2012, The DTM has survived on a small initial fundraising campaign and the efforts and resources of its creator, but now it’s time the take this truly independent local news source to a new level. That’s why I’m asking readers and followers to become DTM Patreons and participate in bringing more powerful in-depth, investigative local reporting to a community that desperately needs it. With just a few hundred patrons we can begin offering quality reporting from the area’s best journalists.

Please become a DTM Patreon today!

Take a look back at a few of the important stories The DTM has produced. With you’re participation we can do so much more.


David McNair (bio)
DTM Editor


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