I was a staff writer for The Hook and later wrote for Takepart.com before returning to freelancing and running The DTM.  A series of investigative stories I wrote for The Hook on the suicide of Virginia Quarterly Review managing editor Kevin Morrissey attracted national news coverage [ABCNews, NBC Today Show, LA Times, New York Times], led to a national discussion about workplace bullying, and prompted the University of Virginia to launch an initiative to address the issue. I also investigated what was behind a faulty, $2-million software package that was purchased by the Albemarle County School system, and my investigations into the local trash and recycling business was recognized by the Virginia Press Association as “truly a public service to your readers.” With my colleagues at The Hook, I also shared the VPA’s Award for Journalistic Integrity & Public Service for my coverage of the attempted ouster of then UVA President Teresa Sullivan. For TakePart.com, I examined the legacy of sexual assault at UVA, interviewed a young activist in Pakistan trying to end the practice of child marriages, wrote about an animal rights journalist being targeted by the FBI, and covered developments in technology and social justice across Africa. For The DTM, my coverage of two Black men wrongly accused of committing a random “knockout attack” on a white couple on the Downtown Mall (Gawker) as well as my coverage and analysis of the KKK and Unite the Right rallies in August 2017, prompted this from the executive editor of Fast Company Magazine: “good stuff from what seems to be the best news source in Charlottesville.”

Years later, I still get emails about this story I wrote about rock star Dave Matthews and the tragic suicide of a local musician.

On a lighter note, I wrote about the local restaurant scene and development for several years, seniors issues for the Daily Progress, and even wrote some satirical news.

My fiction has also appeared in the Virginia Quarterly Review, Shenandoah, and other literary journals. In 2021, I was the runner-up in the Sewanee Review’s annual fiction contest.

Reach out at dsmcnair@gmail.com or on twitter at @DSMcNair

David McNair

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  1. I’ve read this article several times now and found it not only well written, but soulful and honest. It is simply astounding what the high of fame does to people, the illusion of self-importance makes lives, ruins lives. We witness it in some form or another everyday. Haines sounded like a fascinating man. Your point about extremes in particular captures I think the correlation between all the figures in the article. One would think it shouldn’t be so much work to be around people. Ultimately, you realize that happiness isn’t worth sacrificing for the temporary triviality of being recognized in this short life. I really appreciated your honesty in this writing. Thank you.

    • Brendan,

      You’re not going to believe this, but I’m reading your comment for the first time…I really don’t check my own website very much, I guess. Anyway, thank you very much for your kind words and for reading.

      All the best..


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