Mauling the Mall? Don’t change the bricks: Halprin

While discussing the proposed $7.5 million renovation of the Downtown Mall, city planners and the MMM Design Group, the Norfolk-based design firm contracted to do the work, have repeatedly vowed to remain faithful to the original Lawrence Halprin design. Interestingly, no one bothered to consult Halprin himself. MORE

Hook wins big!

news-guys.jpgThe Hook, the paper I work for, took home the Virginia Press Association’s highest award this year at the annual ceremony in Norfolk on March 24, of which I’m very proud. In addition, we won 20-something other awards…including two for yours truely. I’m also proud of the fact that our gag staff photo idea made it on to Wonkette!

Photo: art guru Mitchel Jarrett, editor Hawes Spencer, reporter Lindsay Barnes


Well, as you can see, I moved my blog over to WordPress, by far a more superior blogging setup. You’ll also notice there’s nothing here. You’ll just have to click on the link to my old blogger blog to access my archives over the last few years. Eventually, I’ll move things over. Anyway, here’s to WordPress!