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How you communicate determines how you are perceived by your clients, your own organization, and the public. Effective communication advances and strengthens your indentity, helps people better understand what makes you unique and valuable, and allows you to anticipate incoming changes and future trends. And it’s not just what you put out there, it’s how you respond to what’s coming at you. Commanding your own narrative in a changing world takes agility, wisdom, and foresight. I can help you with that. Contact me at

What others are saying

We are so appreciative of David’s willingness to work with us. And he has definitely achieved rock star status with us in the quality and quantity of creativity and content he provided in helping us get this website up and running with such short notice!” – Kay Jenkins, Central Virginia Advance Directives Collaborative

This video is fabulous!! I am going to see if I can show it to my staff in our next staff meeting to give them a better idea of what the ACC is all about so they will feel comfortable broaching the subject with caregivers.” — Maggie Short, head of Nursing Operations & Development at UVA, on a 2019 video I created for an Adult Care Center.

Dave McNair’s cover story, “Celebrity, Suicide and the Etiquette of Envy” raised the writing standards locally to Pulitzer levels. Insightful, deliberate, poignant, and brutally honest. The title foretold it all and made me want to turn the pages. The article taught me something about the music industry I didn’t know– in a non-judgmental way– and gave us all something to ponder.” —author Sally Honenberger