Most read

Retreads prove you’re never too old to love to play ball
Why Charlottesville? How a Facebook comment, an unknown blogger, and some old tweets inflamed a debate about race and monuments
Forget the ‘Rolling Stone’ Debacle: At UVA, 38 Reports of Sexual Violence, 0 Expulsions Last Year
Tale of Woe: The death of the VQR’s Kevin Morrissey
Feature on rocker Dave Matthews
Little Washington, big taste: A Central Virginia high-wire act
Just say know: Tim Wilson wants to change the world– one story at a time
Glitchy system: Inside the student software debacle
Celebrity Culture in America
Knock, knock: men involved in Mall “beating” tell their side of the story
A Journalist Is Exposing How the FBI Targets Animal Activists as ‘Terrorists’
Send Girls Off to Learn, Not Off to Marry, Says 13-Year-Old Pakistani Activist
Generation Us: Retreads prove you’re never too old to love to play ball

Full Archive of writing for The Hook, 2004-2013
International & National news coverage for TakePart.

Feature Stories

Conflicting tales: The unfolding tragedy at the VQR
Rooms with a View: New Monticello boss opens rarely seen rooms
Corks $ Curls: How did the death of a 119-year old UVA tradition go unnoticed?
Waste Works lawsuit for dumb-dumbs: or a busy citizens guide to the local waste war
Person of the Year: Joel Salatin’s salad days
The Tao of poo: Can Worrell’s green sewage system save water and planet?
What a Waste: Is the trash Authority going obsolete?
King of the Road: The unstoppable Wendell Wood
Stacking the decks: Will new parking decks cure parking woes?
Entertainment overload: Can so many music venues make it?
Dilemma zone: Are red-light cameras the answer?
#9 dreams: Invasion of the super towers
Has Charlottesville jumped the shark?
Writing on the wall: What the chalkboard will really do

Photo journalism

More Tim and Dave…
Rock Hill forever: Charlottesville’s not-so-secret gardens
Loo-loo cry: Sacajawea gets a plaque
Historic Key West Parade delights
Gov. Kaine dedicates hard cider operation
Martha Jefferson Hospital topped off

Think pieces

Celebrity Culture in America
The Reverend Sun Myung Moon: The “King of Peace” or the “King of Hustlers?”
Are We At War with Islam?
Organized Evil
An Interview with the Anti-Christ
Welcome to the Age of Anxiety
12 Years of Diplomacy

Investigative reporting
Tale of Woe: The death of the VQR’s Kevin Morrissey
Rainwater harvesting: Catchment comes with a catch///‘No-brainer’: Harvesting story prompts rain to Kaine
‘Damn nuisance:’ Burn pit angers ‘green’ project neighbors
Trouble in paradise? Latino workers on the Woodlands go unpaid
Parking prize: Downtown design contest raises eyebrows
Zoning snafu: Will error in Woolen Mills scrap PUD?
Riddled: What happens after police shootings?

The Rutabaga


‘Uncle and maestro’: Remembering George Garrett
All jazzed up: Genoways keeps VQR shining
War Is Not An Accident
All jazzed up: Genoways keeps VQR shining
Winners 2006: Hometown favorites…
Designing woman: Katie Swenson’s big ideas
Stilled life: Remembering Spudnuts’ owner
Belly believer: Shakti seeks inner dancers
Pill cure? UVA doc sees Mel’s fix

Food writing
The Chang effect: Wooing palates, breaking hearts— and why he left
Carpe Donut: Rolling wagon seizes the day
Trouble in paradise: Bartender toasts, takes tumble

Sports writing

‘Relationship guy’: Mike London reveals coaching strategy
Author: It’s Tiger’s ‘Monica Lewinsky’ moment
C-Ville Super Regional goes to game three

Weekly columns

Dish (restaurant news)
On Architecture & Development


Boxed in: ‘War zone’ on Mall hurting businesses
Rainwater harvesting: Catchment comes with a catch
The Rotunda: What the devil to do with it?
Edible tries taking a bite out of Flavor
Critical violator: Twice-closed Tavern vows a cleaner menu
Pork bust: Improper labels lead to farmers’ arrest
Sticking point: Required shot catches parents off guard
Love kills: Dairy farm tragedy raises awareness
ATO wins: The Dave sells a film at Sundance
Literary tragedy: Writing profs read between the lines
Waldo’s itch: Shining a light on State government
Attention to detail: City inspector thwarts hold-up
Criminal sanity? Bank heist suspect apologizes!
Unfit justice: A peeper remains free
South Lawn demos: Brandon Ave’s $1,000,000 winner!
Why is a confessed peeping Tom still on the streets?
Riddled: What happens after police shootings?

Culture Warrior or Anti-Christ? An interview with Reverend Barry Lynn
Seen From Above
But What Do I Know?: An Interview with New York Times writer Christopher Lehmann-Haupt
The Accidental Writer: An Interview with Dan Chaon
Interview: “Love and Theft”

Radio scripts

First Liberties Radio program: Volume 29 Winter 2004

Some fiction

Rats at the Dump
Ilfinesh (password: Ilfu)

Book Reviews

War and Witchcraft
Can Capitalism and Real Democracy Coexist? : A review of Greg Palast’s book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Film reviews

Why 2002 Is Like 1984


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